Thursday, 13 April 2017

History of Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is not only a brand it has a very royal and deep history at the time of world war's currently it has the only headquarter in India is in Chennai and its was bought up in India by Eicher Motors the current president of this company is Mr. Rudratej singh and current CEO is Mr. Siddhartha lal.

Royal enfield took birth in 1851 in the form of a business of making sewing needles in 1851 by George Townsend from 1882 the company started making the components for the cycle manufacturing industries earlier it was in the name of Townsend it get popularity then the name changed  to Eadie manufacturing Co. in year 1893 situated in Snow Hill Birmingham and finally the company got its name Royal Enfield in 1896 it was registered to make bicycles with four wheeled frame with rear mounted De-Dion engine then the evolution of engine started and the company first motorcycle came in 1901 of 239cc and then started making the bikes with 344cc in 1910 & 770cc in 1912  the first bullet was made in the year 1970 and by this time the company started making the rifles in the name of Enfield rifle. and when they made the first bullet bike they also got their tag line "MADE LIKE GUN" and a royal logo of the company a Canon.

Royal Enfield story from the time of World War 

First World War  - [ 1911 - 1921 ] :-

In 1914 the company achieved a motorcycle contract for Imperial Russian Government because it supplied number of motorcycles to British War Department after this contract it used its 225cc and 425cc engine and produced the motorcycle and side car motorcycles with a Vickers Machine Gun.

Second World War - [ 1939 - 1945 ] :-

British company called Royal Enfield to manufacture the motorcycle for the military it made many motorcycles with 350cc,250cc & 570cc and the most unique was the motorcycle designed to dropped down by the parachutes with airborne troops directly in the battle field.
Because of the problem of continuous bombing and land mines Royal Enfield setup-ed a underground factory in 1942 inside a useless 'Bath stone' quarry at West Wood near Bradford-on-Avon Wiltshire and most of the staff was transferred from Redditch. Not only motorcycles the company made many equipment for war such as 'Predictors' for anti-aircraft gunnery.

Royal Enfield in India :-

In 1955 the Indian Government was looking for a motorcycle for it's police and Indian Army the Indian Government choosed Royal Enfield Bullet and ordered 800 350cc bullet and then in 1955 the Redditch Company come up with Madras Motors in India to setup Royal Enfield India by 1962 all the components were manufactured in India it sill make 350cc and 500cc so the brand Royal Enfield Cycle Co. a British company started in India for Indian and police and now it sells its motorcycles in more than 50 countries manufactured in India and in 2015 it surpassed the sale of Harley Davidson India. And standard is the longest model still in production.

It was the only company by that time who provided 4-stroke engine for motorcycles in India it started in Madras ( Chennai ) the first plant was in Tiruvottiyur Chennai earlier it use to make 650cc and 700cc in India in 1970 it introduced the bullet of 175cc. And the plant of Chennai is still producing the bikes and the only plant and manufacturing unit of Royal Enfield India this is the only reason that our booking period is long current models in production Classic 350 & 500,Bullet 350 & 500,Thunderbird 350 &500,Himalyan & Continental GT.    


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