Saturday, 8 April 2017

Royal Enfield 2017 With New Features Of AHO and BSIV

This post is basically to inform you and clear all your douts regarding the new feature ordered by the government of India that is AHO (Automatic Headlamp On) and the nature friendly engine with new norms i.e BS4.

Handle bar without light switch

AHO (Automatic Headlamp On) :-
To make the roads more safe and accident free for two wheeler the Government of India has decided to make the new feature AHO compulsory for the two wheeler from the 01/04/2017 the two wheeler will be manufactured without a light switch on your right handlebar that means as long the ignition will be on your light will remain on the lights will be controlled only by ignition On and Off.

That means now you will get only these things in your handlebars :-
engine kill switch
Self start switch
indicator switch
High beam / Low beam
Not only the AHO Royal Enfield and all other company has introduced the new nature friendly engine i.e BS4 to reduce the pollutant amount as compared to the BS3 Engine.

This has increased the price of every models of Royal Enfield upto 4,000 to 5,000 per model the new price in Lucknow are as follows :-

Bullet-350 - Rs. 132081
Bullet-500 - Rs. 186650
Bullet Electra - Rs. 148122
Classic-350 - Rs. 157139
Classic-500 - Rs. 198746
Classic Chrome - Rs. 210751
Desert Storm - Rs. 201907
Thunderbird-350 - Rs. 168909
Thunderbird-500 - Rs. 212269
Continantal GT - Rs. 234136
Himalyan  - Rs.185715

BSIV Engine :-
BSIV engine is more nature friendly than BSIII because the amount of pollutant emitted from the exhaust will be less harmful because the engine of BSIV type is designed to emit less harmful gases with methods like adding some more air into exhaust to get rid on unburned fuel vapours and use of catalytic converter.

sulphur content of the fuel has been brought down the octane number of petrol is (91).
SOx emissions are harmful :-
PETROL - 150 mg/kg
DIESEL - 350 mg/kg

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