Saturday, 20 May 2017

Delivery Inspection Check

After the booking of your royal enfield the day which you wait for is your delivery date that means a call from your dealer that your beast has arrived to them and ready for the delivery this one call from the dealership fills you up with lots of joy and happiness so the mistake people generally make is that they simply go to the dealer finish up the paper work and leave the showroom without a deep checking of their beast. May be you not face any problem while you are coming back from the showroom but after reaching home or maybe after few Km's you notice that somethings are wrong or something is missing or unwanted in your beast and at this point your all joy and happiness gets disappears and at that time you start thinking that what mistake i made it doesn't mean that Royal enfield supplies you very low quality of product or something like that royal enfield check each and every minor to major thing before sending the bike for delivery and maintain the quality of their bikes as well as their name in market but as we all know that there is nothing 100% perfect on this earth so don't make yourself think about the mistake which you made your only mistake was that because of your joy and happiness you forget the PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) of your bike at the time of your delivery although 80 - 90 % of the work is done that you get a perfect piece because your feedback help your dealer to earn a brownie point in the company and this brownie point helps them to make a better image in the company but then also go for a deep checkup from body to every electronics and all apparatus breaks clutch handle bar that they are working properly or not and if they are not working properly immediately mention it to your dealer and they will replace it for free and you will get 3.5 liters of petrol with the bike and make sure that you take your delivery in daylight not in evening or night because you will not be able to observe your bike deeply check each and every little thing and see for the scratches or oil leakage or battery leakage so make sure to take one of your best friend or your relative so that he or she can observe the things you can ignore because of your joy.

The thing which you should inspect at the time of your delivery are as follows :-

  • Engine :-

Take a look of the engine there should not be any scratch or any leakage sometimes the leakage is noticed from the lower side of the engine


  • NPV ( Non Polluting Vehicle ) sticker:-

This is sticked inside the air filter box and engine number is mentioned on that



  • Chain Lock :-


  • Carburetor :-

There should not be any extra sound from the carburetor other than the thump sound and notice for the 3 pipes attached with it the best way to identify the BS4


  • ammeter :-

It should deflect toward positive side at the time of acceleration 


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