Monday, 22 May 2017

The General Things And Basic Tips for New Royal Enfield

New engine is like a new born baby it need a care and a little maintenance like we do of a new baby actually your engine tells you everything about itself its good its bad condition everything to you all you need is to observe it this post is basically dedicated to all the new bulleteer regarding the basic tips and general things for making your engine life long

Basic Tips -

  • If you want better mileage do not exceed the speed limit more than 50 km/hr till first 500 km's and the gear shift pattern should be like follows:-
  • 1st gear - 10 km/hr
  • 2nd gear - 20 km/hr
  • 3rd gear - 30 km/hr
  • 4th gear - 40 km/hr
  • 5th gear - 50 km/hr
after the 500 km till 2000 km the gear shift pattern should be 
  • 1st gear - 20 km/hr
  • 2nd gear - 30 km/hr
  • 3rd gear - 40 km/hr
  • 4th gear - 40-50 km/hr
  • 5th gear - 60 km/hr
After that, you can increase the speed accordingly 

  • Do not fill the full tank in BS4 because its engine is specially designed to use the gas made in your fuel tank to give you more fuel efficiency.
  • Do not throttle the engine at higher rpm 
  • Don't make the fire shot till first 1000-1500 km's
  • Do not change the silencer till 3rd service after your 3rd service you can change your silencer  

General Things 

  • You may observe oil spot on your back rim it's nothing serious this is basically the lubrication of chain
  • You may observe the oil in engine near the place where the chain is attached to engine this is not the leakage from the engine it's the grease which comes from the engine applied to the chain 

Oil near the engine 


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