Tuesday, 13 June 2017

First 500 km Short Review Of Royal Enfield Classic 350

My first ride of classic 350 was not so easy because i was not so fond of  the power which the new engine gives I had my first ride on 9/05/2017 and for the first ride I had to control the heavy power and vibrations of the new engine first 500 km’s were very tough for me because my hands were not set on that bike and were not mentally prepare for all the problems which I suffered actually not the problems that things were so normal but for me all the things were new so I took them as problems the things took time to becoming familiar with those things were gear shift patterns vibrations and the engine noise and I rushed to the showroom for that sounds but they told me that these things are so normal with this bike and ride at least for 500n km’s engine is new so because of this you are facing such noises but after the services it will come back to normal ignore the vibrations  if you are owning this beast because “THESE BEASTS DON’T MOVE SILENTLY THEY ARE BORN TO ROAR AND RULE THE ROADS ” if you can't handle the vibrations and cannot make yourself familiar with vibrations this beast is not for you "RIDE WITH PRIDE 

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