Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Maintenance tips for bikes in monsoon

Taking care of your bike in monsoon is very easy but on another hand a tuff job some people let their bike get wet in rain they think that when it's raining outside why to waste water in washing it by hands let it wash by rain but on another hand you are leaving your bike in the hands of rust and other major problems like degrading quality of paint and rust in major parts like shockers brakes etc here I am with the maintenance tips for your bike in monsoons

  • Try that your bike did not get wet in rain for a long time park it in any shed or under roof area 
  • Cover it with good quality bike covers
  • Try to spray some diesel on your bike if leaving it under rain 
  • Go for a wax coating or a Teflon coating before monsoon starts
  • Grease all the working parts chains tyres
  • Change the tyres if they have totally lost their grips
  • Wipe all the water from your bike with a cotton cloth if it's wet due to some of the reasons
  • Try to polish all the metal parts with an anti-rusting polish which is easily available on the market for 30 to 40 rupees in India 
  • Paint the part with the suitable paint if it's already rusted before monsoon
  • Timely check all the parts like the battery, side stands, chain, shockers etc during monsoons  

Try these tips to keep rust away from your bikes and enjoy monsoons with your bikes and "RIDE WITH PRIDE"

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  1. Rain is an enemy of a motorbike, I learned about this on a trip) Usually, Yamaha is an indicator of quality, even Japanese technologies are sometimes powerless before weather conditions... Half of our vacation in Thailand was raining, and we spent it at the hotel enjoying the local spicy food. I had no idea what my next day of

    adventures while traveling will bring but as long as I enjoyed every second no matter what it's that I was actually doing

    it will still always be an amazing day I said to myself. But the gods were supportive and after 4 days the sun was rise through the clouds, and we went on motorbikes to visit the temple of the Tiger and see famous waterfalls. It's because of traffic and surprises in the rules of the road is best if you will be insured) Good luck travelers!