Sunday, 16 July 2017

First Service of Royal Enfield Classic 350

So now it's time to take your beast for its first service that is a free service free in terms that you do not have to pay the labour charge only you have to pay for the parts and the engine oil you can get your first service within 45 days from the date of purchase or minimum 500 km’s which ever comes earlier after you take your bike to your nearest service station they will ask for your first 500 experience and after that they will let you mention that is there any thing on the bike which is annoying to you like gear shifting horn or indicators or any tappet noise in engine or there is any black deposit in your silencer that means your carburetor is not tuned properly get it checked as you observe it then they will ask you for the Teflon coating which will cost you around 400 rs get it done if its monsoon otherwise make it done in your last free service and after all this they will tell you about the servicing cost with the cost of each and every item they will use in service a slip will be given to you and they will tell you the cost you have to pay for the service it will cost you around 1000 rs may vary according to the city but not more than 1200 without Teflon coating wait till your beast is being serviced


  1. Thanks Harshit,didn't know about their prices.Unfortunately i couldn't service my classic gunmetal at RE service center,so did it myself using genuine oil filter and motul 15w50.Could u plz tell me if i should go to a specialist for any checkup,though i don't find any problem uptill now.And for the second service i'll have to wait long(completed 570 kms),or do i need to go for a checkup in between.

  2. Hi shekar, as of now it's ok but you shouldn't have done it by your own,,, because in 1st service every thing will be analysed by specialist such as the nuts and bolts are refitted, clutch adjustments are done, rear and front breaking fluids are inspected chain system is being inspected, anyhow you have done it it's great but please do take your bike to mechanic for next time if not your warranty shall not be applicable. Thank you hope you like it.