Saturday, 26 August 2017

Something Unexpected Happened with my Royal Enfield Classic 350

So, this all started with some simple issues like uneven engine sound and missing problem but I did not give too much attention to these things although I am very vulnerable when it comes to my bike but at that time I didn’t give too much attention because already the engine sound and vibrations are common when it comes to Royal Enfield and a increased uneven engine sound is normal until you did not notice their seriousness so as my normal schedule I reached to my college and there one of my friend who is also a Enfield rider like me came with his beast and while observing his bike I suddenly noticed something unexpected for me at that time it was only 1200 km's and that thing was annoying me too much the thing which I observed was some black carbon deposit on my silencer and it increased my tension when I observed his bikes silencer it was looking so clear and good in condition.

My Silencer

after that I decided to compare the engine sound of the bikes and the sound which I was getting was much much higher than the normal sound the only good thing for me that time was that it was the time of my second service so after few days I reached to my nearest service center for the second service there I mentioned the problems which i was facing and I was shocked when they just laugh and told me that my bike is normal and perfect in condition but somewhere inside I was not satisfied with their answer but you cannot say anything against if the authorized service center is saying that every thing is normal and the problem was same after the second service also then I concerned with one of my friend Pranjal Pankaj who lives in Chhattisgarh he also owns a Royal Enfield classic 350 black then he told me that he will talk about this to his service center about my problems after few days he called me and I talked to the service center and the thing they told me was really unexpected from a company like Royal Enfield they told me that  my service center has almost destroyed my bike because at that time my mileage dropped from 40 to 12-15 they told me that the problem is with my bikes carburetor and my air filter is not being cleaned since long its almost gone after listening all this I next day rushed to my service center and the strange thing was that they were again telling that every thing is normal nothing is there to worry then after a long argument same day I reached to the main branch of Lucknow and there Abid Bhai told me that the same which I got to know from the Chattisgarh service center that my bike is currently in worst condition my service center was responsible for this worst condition there they replaced the air filter and cleaned the carbureter and fuel pipe and again turned every thing to normal and again checked the mileage and now I am getting 40kmpl in city worst experience ever!

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