Saturday, 23 September 2017

5 Reason Why You Should Buy a Royal Enfield

One of the most leading brands in automobile industry in all over world Royal Enfield the company with one of the best lineup among the other leading brands like Bajaj and Harley Davidson not only in the lineup the company has a very vast history not only in India and not only in bike manufacturing company in India but all over the world it has also served the armed forces in India and in united states which make the company rich vast history and also made guns and specially designed bikes at the time of world war 1 and world war 2 from past till present the company is running without any problem in sales and in completing the demands of the markets royal Enfield in itself has a large variety from cafe racers to cruisers and mountain bikes with best quality of engine and other technical speciality it is the company who first introduced a 350 cc engine in Indian market of automobile industry from a vintage looking classic and standard series the company has a modern looking café racers and Himalyan in their lineup the company is evolving day by day and coming with the best they can give. This is the only bike which can be modified into a new look it has a large variety of modifications you can do. So, this post is basically about 5 reasons why you should buy bikes made by Royal Enfield.

Best Ride Quality:-

When it comes to riding on the Indian roads very few bikes are comfortable with them so if you want to ride freely in any kind of roads and any kind of situation with full comfort royal Enfield will give you the best riding experience which other bikes cannot give when compared to the brand like Royal Enfield this is the bike in which you will never feel bored while riding and forget about the body problem you may face in long rides because royal Enfield is made like its made for long rides only other engines has limits but when it comes to royal Enfield you don’t have to think about the kilometers because the more you ride this engine the more comfortable it gets the material quality of seats and shockers are just amazing they are very comfortable in classic series you get a more comfort because of the extra shocker attached to the driver seat which makes the drive more soft and comfortable whether you are riding alone or with a pillion on your back seat of the bike

Best Engine:-

Not only the best ride quality RE also provides you with the best engine made in their lineup from the best material the company can give to its users it is made by the best automobile engineers and RE has also taken some of the technology from other countries like the US with a 350 cc twin spark engines in their classic series and Thunderbird series they have made the UCE engine in their past years and they have a large variety of engines also from carbureted engines to the latest fuel injection technology RE provides the engine from minimum 19.80 bhp @ 5,250 rpm with 28 Nm @ 4000 rpm of torque to maximum 29.10 bhp @ 5,100 rpm and 440 Nm @4000 rpm.


When it comes to the mileage of bikes they always give you more than you can expect from the brand like Royal Enfield. Yes, you heard it right when compared to the other bikes of same engine configuration you get very low mileage when compared from the engines made in most of the finest lineup that is The Royal Enfield lets talk about other bikes like KTM RC 390 and Yamaha R3 or Bajaj Dominar who make fun of this most iconic brand like Royal Enfield by saying "HAATHI MAT PAALO" you get maximum mileage of 25 to 35 in these bikes but talking about my personal experience till now I am getting the 40 kmpl in city and 45 kmpl on highways so the mileage is too good in royal Enfield series according to the engine power and CC which the company gives.

Low Maintenance Cost:-

Now coming on the most thinkable point which hits at least one time in everyone's mind who thinks of buying it the maintenance cost of the bikes of Royal Enfield. let me clear this thing from your mind that owning a Royal Enfield means headache of its high costing maintenance although the parts are costlier than the expectation but if its compared with the cost price of other variants of the same specification in other companies they are much much costlier than your expectation and the servicing charges are also high as compared to Royal Enfield your second service will cost you around 200 INR only I think it's not high when you are owning a beast made by brands like Royal Enfield even the second service of a pulsar 135 will cost you around 400-500 INR the from where the maintenance cost of Royal Enfield is higher I hope now all your doubts are cleared by now if you are not buying this bike only because of this reason then this is not the reason to find other solid reasons why not to buy a bike made by Royal Enfield I don't think soo that you will find any.

Best RESale Value:-

Serving you with best a company can give you like best ride value best engine from one of the best lineup with perfect mileage and also the low maintenance cost the company also provides you with the best resale value it does not matter how old your bike is you can live tension free if you are owning a Royal Enfield because it gives you the best resale value once again much than your expectations even too old models are sold in more than 70,000 INR to minimum of 50,000 INR if too old and condition is bad but if the condition is good and bike is looking like new you will get minimum  1,00,000 INR even after 5-10 years I think this is the best resale value which any company can give you nobody has claimed till now that he is not happy with the amount which he got after selling this bike 

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