Monday, 18 September 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Royal Enfield

Not everything in this world is 100% perfect that means everything in this world has some problems. The same thing applies to the most iconic brand in India the Royal Enfield people generally know the good side of the company products because of the trends this bike is now not the dreams now the dreams have changed into trends. but you will not know the dark side until you own one of the bikes of Royal Enfield. This post is basically to clear the darkest side of Royal Enfield bikes the problems which I faced is almost common in the whole royal Enfield brand the problem which every biker who owns a royal Enfield face generally according to me the thump sound and vibrations is not the problem if you own a Royal Enfield bike. Because Royal Enfield means the thump and vibrations, So the 5 reasons one should not buy a Royal Enfield bikes are as follows:-

Problems in the availability of Spare parts:- 

When it comes to the availability of the spare parts you cannot get the parts in every shop like you get for other bikes because there are very limited genuine parts distributors in a city and you cannot trust of local parts which you will get from the local mechanics. because the local parts are not that much durable like the genuine parts when it comes to Royal Enfield. 

Skilled mechanics required for the Maintainance:-

when you will face the problems like flat tyres and other engines related issues not all mechanics will touch your bike you will need only the skilled mechanics who only deals in Royal Enfield and they are not found everywhere you will find the special mechanics for Royal Enfield very rarely near you or sometime in your area.

Difficulty in handling at narrow turns and heavy traffic:-

Speaking with my personal experience that riding a classic in a heavy traffic area can get on nerves just because of the heavy handling and same goes for the narrow turns. it might be a plus point for the highway cruising and straight roads but on narrow turns, it acts like a rod and thus, difficult to handling.

Low ground clearance:-

The ground clearance problem comes in every variant of the Royal Enfield and breakers or the beautiful pits of Indian roads make it realize badly and while driving the bike with pillion there are lots of chances that your silencer will touch the ground 

Absence of meters:-

When it comes to Royal Enfield it's classic and standard series lack some important meters which are necessary for bikes like fuel meter, tacho meter which lacks in classic and standard models of Royal Enfield but they are available in other models of Royal Enfield bikes like Himalyan and thunderbird so if you want fuel meter in your bike you should not go for classic series you should go for Thunderbird, Himalyan or Continental.

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