Saturday, 28 October 2017

Maintenance Tips For Royal Enfield

Maintenance the thing which confuse almost everyone's mind for once that how to maintain the bike to increase the life of the engine as well as the whole bike not only for Royal Enfield each and every vehicle you have needs a maintenance to give you the best output at maximum point  you don't have to pay much attention to your bike all it needs is a just timely check of everything but if not it can give you the worst result in case of Royal Enfield bike there is a speciality that a change in your bike is noticeable easily and major things for the maintenance you can do it by yourself at home for all the points which I am going to discuss regarding the maintenance of your bike you don't have to go to the mechanic for all this these tips are easy and can be done at home the easy and simple maintenance tips are as follows :-


Engine has many things to take care of and it is the only thing which will tell you the condition of your whole bike it is the heart of the bike so it has many things to take care of like carburetor oil level and unwanted sounds which comes from your engine and quality and quantity of oil also matters I will prefer the pure synthetic oils for the engine and if you will use pure synthetic oil it is not only good for your engine but also reduce the vibrations from your bike the oil which is used by Royal Enfield Liquid Gun is also better but for other oils in market Motul is best and observing spark plug is also must for any kind of carbon deposits another thing is engine tuning for RPM correct RPM is  also must this you can set it at home by your own by the nut below the carburetor


People generally ignore when it comes to brake they think that brakes are the thing which only needs attention when the problem is serious or only at the time of the servicing. No,but this is wrong brakes are major factor which can affect your whole bike from the mileage of the bike to the speed of the bike it all depend on this small part which generally don’t get people attention all you need to check that your brake should not be too loose not so tight your both the tyres should move freely without any contact with the brake pads in case of the disk brakes and in case of drum brakes it should not touch the brake shoes the major fault which people generally do is they tight their brakes too much without any need they think that it will stop the bike immediately at the time of emergency but they are doing it wrong and some people have habit of putting their legs on the rear brake this is also a wrong habit maybe not for you but surely its bad for your bike in case of disk brakes  you should check the level of the brake oil and don’t take the disks brakes immediately just go slow and smooth.


When It comes to maintenance of chain few people generally ignore the chain of their bike I have seen many people chains are in very bad condition rusted and lot of Grece deposited on it if you are one of them it’s a very serious and your chain need an immediate care which you forgot to give it at the right time if its rusted or lot of oil has been deposited on them all you need is kerosene oil or diesel a toothbrush best quality of chain lube. Firstly spray some of the oil or diesel and rub it gently with toothbrush then apply the chain lube spray and let all the dirt oil and rust fall down from your chain wait for 5 to 10 minutes and then again wash your chain from oil and then give it a water wash and then let it dry and apply the chain lube spray your chain is now ready to go.

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