Friday, 27 October 2017

Royal Enfield BSIII vs BSIV

Bullet is Bullet

But what is bs3 and what is bs4???


Which is better?

Many people talking about that nowadays some says bs3 is good some says the cast iron is original bullet some people say bs4 is good for us.

So there will be the confusion begins.

From a consumer view which one we take for delivery it's a question but unfortunately, bs3 is no longer available in the market so the only option is the bs4 model.

Now talk about 'what is BS'?

The name BS that is BHARAT STAGE it's an emmition norm for engine dedicated to the environmental protection from air to sound pollution and other things.

Govt advised automakers to take that norm for more refined engines for a secure future so that is BS-3 to BS-4.
Every two-wheeler now comes with the bs4 compliant engine for better fuel efficiency and less air pollution.

BS4 bikes will also get the Auto Headlamp ON feature. Now every 2 wheeler is loaded with AHO

for better visibility in roads because sometimes heavy commercial vehicle drivers can't see the 2 Wheeler after that the expectations of an accident increase so AHO is a good feature for safety purpose.

Now we don't have any type of headlight switch on the bike both lights are directly connected to the battery and engine and if we start the bike, the headlamp and tail lamp start glowing instantly.

But as we know some people are confused between the SWAG of bullet and the identity of this motorcycle.

So I'm clearing that nothing major will change in a Royal Enfield the only visible changes are

  • In the fuel supply and carburetor
  • A charcoal canister will be added
  • An extra catalytic converter in Exhaust bend pipe
  • And THE AHO (Auto Headlamp On) the most confusing feature for some people

1. Fuel Supply and carburetor for 350cc

There is one more pipe added in the fuel tank which connected through charcoal canister and the pipe supplies the gas which produced in the fuel tank and canister treat that gas and again sends into the carburetor this will be little complicated but as result fuel economy will increase.

Carburetor in bs4
Carburetor in bs3

The Biggest Drawback of this feature is now you aren't able to fill the petrol tank to the top because of this pipe, try to fill fuel a little less it is not a problem but some people facing missing issue by that but honestly I'm using the bs4 classic 350 and I filled that more than 3 times and my bike doesn't feel anything like missing in my bike that so don't worry but yes fuel economy is good than bs3 now.

2. Smoother engine

Now the main course bs4 Royal Enfields are now coming with less vibration than before and providing great ride quality less vibration means better stability on roads and now the feel of the bike is silky smooth not far smoother but still smoother than before because Royal Enfield already provides great ride quality.

3. More Refined and Crisp Sound

now the sound will be little decreased than before but the overall sound will be more refined and crisp on stock exhaust because of the additional catalytic converter, and if you are one of those who use an aftermarket exhaust than you don't find any big change in sound especially when you use glass/ceramic wool silencer.

4. Auto Head Lamp ON Feature

Now we don't have a headlight on of switch on a bs4 bike. So the legendary tiger eye headlamp will always on when you start the bike. This will be a little irritating for some people but AHO will take some time for become a habit.
BS4 without Switch

BS3 with Switch

5. Additional gas sensor for 500cc

Now we have an additional fitting in the bike's bend pipe for sensing the gases for fuel injection unit in Classic 500 and Thunderbird 500 this will increase the fuel injection's performance.

6. New Side Stands For Classic Models

In previous bs3 classics, owners face some side stand cracking problem in approx 6 months from purchasing not in every model but in few models
for those, there will be a good news Royal Enfield upgrade the side stand and now bs4 models come with more durable pure metal (Not a pipe based as every two-wheeler in the market) side stand.
old side stand in BS3

New side stand in BS4

So this is not a big debate always remember newer is always better which technology bring us for our great future.

it's a great and good decision by the government of India for air pollution and our nature.

Remember Royal Enfield doesn't change its own identity easily Mr. Siddharth lal sir will know what a customer wants and what he needs.

Harshit and me we both using bs4 classic 350 and we don't even notice the changes the feel are same the power is same and also the bike will remain same.

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