Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Which One To Buy Classic 350 or Classic 500

From beginners to Riders everyone loves Royal Enfield
now the biggest question is which one we take for delivery
the carbureted 350 or the fuel injected 500

Today I'm trying to clear some doubts


 Lets begin
Both engines are good in their own ways 350 is good for something and 500 is good for something
behind that, we need to know about a rider needs and the type of Riders.

Note that point 
Not only the 500cc machine is costlier than 350cc
even its fuel consumption and maintenance costs are higher than a 350.
Both bikes come with the same dimensions.

Royal Enfield Classic 350

350cc engine is a carburetor based engine and don't need any high-end professional maintenance
it gives a decent mileage and overall good performance for city commute and highway
but because of its body to weight ratio, it feels a little bit underpowered.

Specs like
  • 346 cc single cylinder engine which delivers 20.07 bhp of power and approx 35 to 40 kmpl mileage.
its good for city commuting and long rides but on long rides, you'll find an extra space for some power especially while overtaking any big vehicle but its minor.

Royal Enfield Classic 500

500cc is based on fuel injection it also doesn't need any high maintenance but it gives more power and if you need more power you need a higher cubic capacity. it is highly recommended for the tour and long rides.

The maintenance cost is same as 350 cc but if fuel injection unit will be damaged it costs you more than the carburetor but it will not damage easily so don't worry.

powered by
  • 499cc single cylinder fuel injected engine which produces 27.57 bhp of power and delivers 25 to 30 kmpl mileage.
It will be awesome for touring purpose and long rides with better stability on roads.

But there are some more point we noticed that define the overall bike

1st looks

Now both of bikes are just identical to each other but the main difference is paint scheme
like in India the 350cc classics have the Redditch taste in their lineup and now the Gunmetal Grey.
Royal Enfield Classic 350 Redditch Green
Royal Enfield Classic 350 Redditch Red
Royal Enfield Classic 350 Redditch Blue
Brand New Royal Enfield Classic 350 Gun Metal Grey

On the other hand classic 500 comes in different and eye-catching design like Desert storm, classic chrome, and now the most attractive black themed Stealth Black with powder coated black engine.
Royal Enfield Classic 500 Desert Storm

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Chrome
All New Royal Enfield Classic 500 Stealth Black
And trust me this is the biggest reason for some people to buy a classic 500 While they do not even need.

2nd Safety

in September Royal Enfield launched two bikes one in 350cc and one in 500cc

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Gunmetal Grey
Royal Enfield Classic 500 Stealth Black
(Both comes with matte finish)

Royal Enfield gives both bikes a rear disk brake assembly but in these variants only
not on other shades.

Classic 350 Gun Metal Grey
Classic 500 Stealth Black

3rd Amp meter

Royal Enfield classic 350 comes with an AMP meter and classic 500 comes with the low fuel indicator.

Now talk about a Rider needs

1st Beginner

If you are among them who loves Royal Enfield and always want to drive a bullet and join the RE club but never take a serious ride on it, then classic 350 is more than enough it has a good feel has a thump and good power for both city and highways.
if you drive in the city and occasionally go for a trip and
if you are upgrading from 150 or 200cc street fighter or sports bike you should go for 350 classic it doesn't disappoint you.

2nd For Upgrade

Now if you are a typical Enfield rider and have the skills what a bullet gives you and need the next level to it you should definitely go for a classic 500.

3rd For Long Rides

If you are a tourer person who uses his bikes for only touring purpose and this is your first Royal Enfield bike than you should still take a Royal Enfield Classic 500 it gives you better experience and stability on highways.
I hope it will help you
  • But remember a bigger engine comes with bigger responsibilities I personally recommend classic 350 it will be the just perfect for anyone who needs a bullet.
  • only if you really need it then take classic 500 it is also one of the best 500cc motorcycles in India.

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