Thursday, 2 November 2017

An 1000cc Enfield?

There is more than 1000 modification available in the market for Royal Enfield.

But what if a classic comes with a 1000cc engine?

let's find out

I'm talking about Carberry double barrel 1000 which is a Royal Enfield based 1000cc bike.
carberry a new brand?

- No, Carberry is an old custom motorcycle makers and they are making these bikes from a well time before, first the used Cast iron engines now they are providing same modification on the UCE (Unit Construction Engine) engines, which are ruling the market now.

Old Cast Iron Based V- Twin Engine
New UCE Based V- Twin Engine

  • The fact is Carberry has no direct connection to the brand Royal Enfield they have the license to use their parts on their bikes and independently sell their products so there is no issue about that.

Carberry double barrel 1000 is based on royal enfields UCE motor and

Powered by

  • 1000cc V-Twin air cooled carbureted engine which produces 52.2 bhp of power and 108 NM @ 5250 rpm torque

  • with 5-speed gearbox and two cylinder means two exhaust this may produce another level of sound on a Royal Enfield motorcycle

and I heard that this bike only use 91 RON which is a high octane fuel's starting rating


This bike is based on Royal Enfield classic 350 and having Redditch red theme on it
and I think the swing arm used from a Thunderbird and double barrel also have a rear disk brake

carberry comes with a custom frame for adjusting the overall engine size on the bike
carberry comes with twin exhaust and now the sound is much aggressive than others
this will also a BS4 compliant engine.

carberry motorcycles manufactured at Bhilai, Chhattisgarh

and this will cost you around 5 lakhs and take time approx 7 months from the date of booking for delivery
so the prices are making this bike little controversial because 5 lakh rupees for a Royal Enfield?
As we know in 6 lakh rupees we can buy a HARLEY DAVIDSON.

we don't know how it will perform in the Indian market but
we hope it does well on the Indian market,
Carberry double barrel is a very good step for Indian motorcycle history and we appreciate that

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