Sunday, 24 December 2017

Big Preperation For 2018 - The Twins

Finally, the most awaited twin cylinder bikes unveiled by ROYAL ENFIELD on EICMA motor show 2017.

Now Royal Enfield showcased both bikes at Rider Mania 2017 in India.

Royal Enfield Twins at EICMA

Royal enfield Twins at Rider Mania 2017

this will not only help the brand to compete with more premium bike makers but also I think these bikes are the game changer on the Indian roads by its performance and price and don't forget THE LEGACY.

And now we have 4 different types of engines from Royal Enfield.
The UCE 350, UCE 500 FI (535 continental), HIMALAYAN"s 410 and now the 650 twin.

but before we discuss about engine lets talk about both bikes.
Royal Enfield launched 2 bikes


when continental 650 twin is an upgrade of regular Continental GT 535 and the Interceptor 650 twin is a fresh new model.
Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twin

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Twin
The frames on both bikes are same and the only changes are the fuel tank, handlebar and obviously paint scheme.

when we go at the 60s History will tell us that the old interceptor comes in British market 49 years ago
Royal Enfield launched interceptor 700 between 1992 to 1970 on that time it comes with 692cc and 736cc parallel twin engine with 190 kg of weight and this is might be the first Royal Enfield for the American market.
and now the interceptor 650 is the successor of its predecessor.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 700 (old)

Let's talk about the engine

The 650 cc parallel twin engine developed by Royal Enfield's new UK technology center and Harris performance.

this is a 648cc 4 stroke, single overhead cam air and oil cooled parallel twin unit with SOHC layout and fuel injection with total 8 valves on both cylinder (4 valves each) with manual tappet adjuster, slipper clutch with clutch assist and dual exhausts.
this engine produces 47.6 ps of power and 52 nm of torque
and comes with a 6-speed gearbox.

now some people be like 'Yaar itne bade engine se ittu si Power 😕
so don't worry about that because this is Royal Enfield and we expect the performance of both bikes are more than enough for us.

and the noticeable point is that there are few spied videos of this bike on youtube the KTM DUKE and BAJAJ DOMINAR are having a little trouble to catch the interceptor on Indian roads so performance will be decent of both bikes.
video by Mithra Lifestyle

Video LinkSpieD RE interceptor 650cc chased by dominar | high speed chasing

and the other things are

the Interceptor comes with twin seat chunky fuel tank and wide handlebar for seamless ride and comfort for highways relaxed ergonomics and good riding position for a rider as well as pillion.
Both bikes come with dual channel ABS as standard this will be a much-awaited feature for Indian customers.
They come with 18 inches front and rear aluminum rims with Pirelli tires
the weight should be 202 kgs and fuel capacity is 13.7lts
twins are like good for all height of rider by 1165mm of height.
if we talk about Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 twin this bike comes with identical Frame like interceptor but in much sportier style it gets clip-on handlebars and sporty riding position.

Continental GT650 Twin

when the interceptor comes with twin seat continental comes with single seat version as like its predecessor gt 535.
I'm a little bit confused but I believe that both twins come with paioli suspension setup.

Interceptor 650 Twin 

This launching helps the brand to compete with premium leaders as well as those riders who want some more power, throttle response, bigger bike than before and last but not the least a great upgrade from present machines from the stable of Royal Enfield.
parallel twin engine, ABS, Slipper Clutch, Pirelli just everything we can expect from Royal Enfield the brand provide us.


prices are not clear from the brand but we believe it surprises the Indian bike market as said by sir Mr.Siddhartha Lal.We expect that both bikes come in India with the price tag from 3.50 lakh to 4.50 lakh which is good for a parallel twin engine.

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