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Year Rewind of Royal Enfield 2017

so, here comes the year rewind of Royal Enfield 2017 a successful and amazing year for all Enfield lovers and my journey from a Enfield love to a blog all about Enfield for which I was motivated by my friends Aryan Saraswat and  Satyendra  Maurya  (Satyendra is the Chief Editor of technogeek network) they helped me a lot in starting this blog. So this blog started in march it was made on 5th march 2017 but as I was new in this field i was soo confused that what to start and how to express my passion through words as royal enfield was also running too normal something new was not there till that time so i was just sitting one night thinking about the topic to start then suddenly booking striked to my mind that I have booked a classic 350 in february and the delivery time is coming near and from there i thought that i should write about the booking process because before my booking i searched it on the internet that how to book a royal enfield I got no results related to the booking process all other useless things were present so this is the rerason I wrote my first post about the booking process and published it on 10th march 2017 and by that time another news came that government of india has implemented a new law that from coming 1st april 2017 BS4 and AHO is compulsary for all the two wheelers and from there the royal enfield lifts itself in the market by lots of great news came day after day like redditch stealth black interceptor it was like every time the company was revealing a new things or it was coming out in the market by some sources. before September I was alone writing my experiences and latest update related to Royal Enfield but in September one person joined me in my journey I came to know about him his name is Pranjal Pankaj (Co-Author) one of my kind who helped me a lot giving his continuous ideas and thoughts.

These are the faces behind All About Enfield


Pranjal Pankaj 
Satyendra Maurya

Aryan Saraswat

 So, here is the list of great news which Royal Enfield gave to its users and enthusiast this year

1:- Redditch Edition :-

This was one of the great news for all classic lovers this edition came up with 3 new colours in classic series that is red blue green painted on the tank and whole body is black which is the great hit

2:- Introducing BS4 and AHO :-

This news came in action from 1st April 2017 implemented by Government of India according to which all 2 wheelers will come with bs4 engine for making the engines more nature-friendly and there will be no headlight on-off switch

3:- Bullet 500 With FI :

The most unexpected feature in bullet 500 model is the introducing of Fuel Injection in it  

4:- side stand sensor and Gas Sensor in all 500 models :-

The most advance feature we came to see this year by royal enfield is the side stand and gas sensor feature side stand sensor because of which you can not start your bike if your side stand is on 

5:- Relaunch of Himalyan BS4 with FI :-

Firstly the company discontinued its himalyan model because of continuos complains and then it came back with a great surprise relaunching of himalyan with FI and BS4 norms

6:- Two New Colours Stealth Black and Gunmetal Grey :-

The redditch was not enough to amaze the users so royal enfield introduced two new varients for classic series  350 (Gunmetal Grey) and for 500 (Stealth Black) 

7:- 7000 kms with NSG :-

one of the most proud moment for all the members of royal enfield community the 7000 kms ride organised by Royal Enfield and completed by 15 black cat commandos of NSG national security guard 

8:- The Twins :-

The most awaited news the 650 cc parallel engine loaded on Interceptor and contenental gt 650 which will hit the indian markets in april 2018 

7:- Thunderbird X :-

Last news of the year which is that Thunderbird will be loaded with new colours which is red white blue yellow with some features of stealth black series

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