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Best Magnetic TankBag Which Will Fit Easily on any tank ( A Ride Essential Which Is Ignored By majority bikers )

Before choosing or considering what's best for you! one needs to decide what he/she is looking for in that particular product which fits in your need. No product is good or bad it all depends on your need and of course budget which helps you out to decide what is good or bad the one which fulfils your need in your desired budget you end up declaring that product a good product.

Being a rider and belonging to biking community I can understand that how important is ride essentials for any biker but that does not mean that we should compromise with the ride essentials and quality of the product. But then the question arises that being in a limited budget how to get a good quality product because before any ride from bike maintenance to self-safety to luggage everything you have to think about in pre-ride preparation being in a limited budget.

Here is the answer to this question there is a brand which will never let you compromise on quality and at the same time will be pocket-friendly as well.

In this post, I will tell you about the best universal magnetic tank bag with huge storage capacity and which will fit on any tank easily and can be used as a backpack. Guardian Gears Jaws Universal Magnetic Tank Bag is answer of your every question which hits your head before buying any tank bag.


About Guardian Gears:

After extensive research, product design and development, Guardian Gears was formed on January 2018, with the aim of providing High-End Luggage for Motorcycle, Touring and Commuting. We also have 3 years’ experience in this industry and have taken lots of feedback from bikers and motorcyclists alike, to bring out our range of products.

Their Goal:-

Our goal is to become one of the largest Motorcycle luggage manufacturers in the World. We strive to provide durable and creative features in our products after months of trial and testing is when we introduce a product in the market.

Their Moto:-

Our company motto is to provide world-class international quality products at domestic prices. We do not compromise on our quality. We use best in class raw material from only certified vendors like YKK, 3M, etc.
We have a team of designers and samplers who have a market experience of more than 10 Years in the field of luggage manufacturing.

Design-build quality and Finish:-  

Now coming on the topic which matters a lot for everyone that i.e. what is the design, finish and build quality of the tank bag so let’s discuss about it.

Ride in Style:-

This is not like other tank bags on which your handlebar gets touched every time you turn your bike to left or right also as it is a universal tank bag, yes you read it right it’s a universal tank bag company has looked after that it fi fits with every bike no matter what segment you are using whether it is a cruiser or adventure tourer it will increase your overall styling of the bike complimenting your ride a thumbs up for guardian gears for styling without compromising. And like other tank bags, this tank bag also comes with external rain cover and as it is a magnetic tank bag it has adjustable magnets as well.

Adjustable Magnets

External Rain Cover 

Walk in Style:- 

Not only as a tank bag but you can also use it as a stylish backpack by attaching its backpack straps to the hook given on the lower side as mentioned in the picture below you can use it as reference.

Pre Attached Backpack Strap

Finish and reliability:-

When you are choosing this tank bag from guardian gears who has the workers who have 20+ years of experience in luggage industry you really don’t have to think about the build quality and reliability but then also talking about the material used and finish let's discuss it as well.

On every side of the bag you will get proper reflectors and its from leading brand which is used by almost everyone who uses reflectors in their products yes you guessed it right its fro 3M I don’t think that after telling the brand name for reflectors used I should further explain the quality of reflectors used on this tank bag.

As each and every material is chosen very wisely without compromising with quality This tank bag share its puller and zipper from the leading brand YKK and build quality of this zipper and puller is rough and tough I have tried it vigorously and still no problem in zipper and puller.

And ending this topic I would like to tell that it is overall made by using high-quality ballistic nylon fibre for handling high-density abrasion.


A Full face Helmet Fits in This Bag Easily

Now coming on the features of this compact GUARDIAN GEARS JAWS tank bag you will be surprised to know that a full face helmet can fit in it very easily lets jump on the features below I have attached the picture showing a full face helmet inside my tank bag. 
4 Monopole Neodymium Magnets( Rare Earth) for Ultimate stronghold
1680Denier High Abrasion Resistance PU Coated fabric
3M Original Reflective for higher Visibility
YKK original zips and Pullers
Finished To perfection for daily use as well as touring
Perfect for any Motorcycle with Metal Tank
Capacity 23ltrs. Full load capacity 28ltrs

Other Item For Riders:-

They basically have almost everything related to baggage for bikers 
“Shark” Tank Bag Non-Magnetic 28Ltrs @ Rs 2799
“Shark” Mini Tank Bag Non-Magnetic 18Ltrs @ Rs 1499
“Jaws” Magnetic Tank Bag 28Ltrs @ Rs 2,999
“Jaws” Mini Magnetic Tank Bag 18Ltrs @ Rs 1,799
“Rhino” Tail Bag 70Ltrs @ Rs 3,499
“Rhino” Mini Tail Bag 50Ltrs @ Rs 2,999
“Hydra” Hydration Bag cum Daypack @ Rs 999
“Wolverine” Tank Pouch @ Rs 499
For More Details, you can directly visit GUARDIAN GEARS Website


In the end, I would like to conclude that you can not get something better than this in a budget like 3ooo.
Being a long distance rider and bike enthusiasts I am just in love with this product and its quality is mindblowing.

#Highlyrecommended product


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